This is a review of the information we received from our morning meditation. Each day is different and we cover a variety of topics such as balance, connection with guides, New Earth, multiple perspectives, dimensional shifts, timeline changes and other topics connected with current events. If you have any questions please leave it in the comments. Please Subscribe, Like and Share. Follow on FB, YouTube, & Twitter

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Changing Patterns of   Behavior from Social                Conditioning


5 Dec. 2020

Cosmic Alignments, Service

to Others Vs. Service to Self


7 Dec. 2020

  Take Care of Yourself,

Sustain Positive Energy


8 Dec. 2020

       Great Awakening,            Evaluation of Expanded Awareness = More Choices


9 Dec. 2020

Positive Choices Through   Discernment, Season of           Peace and Joy


10 Dec. 2020

  Unplug from the

   Matrix, Back to

Nature for a Refresh


12 Dec. 2020

    Trust Gut and Heart Feelings, Positive Holiday     Emotions Year Round


15 Dec. 2020

  Take Control of Your Mind, Glamour is a Surface Illusion


18 Dec. 2020

Conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter,         Transition to the Positive

21 Dec. 2020

Shadow Work Intensification,

Be Happy & Stay Grounded

11 Dec. 2020

   Use Your Time Wisely, Contact, Choices and Goals

meteor shower.jpg

14 Dec. 2020

Reaching New Levels,

Get Beyond the Fears,              Transformation


16 Dec. 2020

Shadow Work, Clearing         Emotional Baggage

19 Dec. 2020

Family Time of Year, Christmas          Anticipation Anxiety


22 Dec. 2020