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Why Meditate?

Going beyond all the physiological, and psychological benefits, some of which are reduced heart rate and blood pressure, as well as lowering stress levels. The overall ‘feel good’ benefits and self-empowerment stabilizes the personality to better cope with life’s ups and downs. It is the only way to truly know ones self. By going within we begin to know why we believe what we do and where these beliefs came from. Have they come from our parents, schools, peers, or even programmed into us from media? Or do beliefs come from our direct personal experience? Which ones do we trust and which ones do we question? By going within we get to a point of knowing – it is no longer a question of belief – there is a knowing. How do we know something just by sitting quietly? Is it intuition? Is it just pondering circumstances and probability outcomes? Is it changing perspective? Or is it just looking at something through another’s eyes. Rising above the noise of the everyday superfluous thoughts; we can gain multiple perspectives on any given situation or problem. By stepping back from the tangle of our own opinions, we can gain clarity. Even when there is no direct problem to solve, we can unwind from life’s turmoil. When we meditate, we actually change our brain waves. Eventually it changes our coping strategies of everyday life. We become a lot less stressed. Nothing can move you from your rock of understanding. Meditation becomes such a part of you that you slip into it easily and deeply, even in your waking moments. We lessen knee jerk responses and instead of reacting to life, we become the creators of our life. We take responsibility for the direction and evolution of our own unfolding. Life it self becomes a living meditation, because we come to the realization that we are indeed always meditating.

Ahoe, GW

From the book: The Water Chronicles

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