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Water as a Living Being

photo by GW

Why is it we think we are the only intelligent beings on the planet. We are so self centered, we ignore or disassociate with the life around us. Even if we acknowledge trees and such as living, we do not ascribe them the courtesy of interacting with them at the level they deserve. We should have reverence for nature, even the so called inanimate things such as rocks, wind, or water. All of it is alive, whether we believe so or not. The qualities of water are much under appreciated. Many people give thanks for their food before meals. But, how many people give thanks when they partake of a glass of water or take a shower. Water is taken for granted, except by the people who bottle it and sell it. They say only 2% of the planets water is potable now, they say we are running out of clean water. That is a misnomer. It is not possible to run out of water on this planet, as it is constantly recycling. Nature does this for us. It is just that we are polluting it faster than we use it. This has to end or we will. The nature of water itself is misunderstood. Most see it only as a substance. But it is far more than just a basic necessity for life. It has a current or rhythm. It has memory and can carry, store and transmit knowledge. (see Structured Water) It carries messages for us and we can commune with it. It not only gives us life, it is a life force unto itself. Have you ever wondered why so many of earths healing spots are associated with springs? Water carries the ability to heal. Water is also trans dimensional. It can transport you from one dimension to another. And if you think about it water is in it self another dimension. We exist in the atmosphere of this planet which contains mostly nitrogen. There is also oxygen which is critical to animal life, but we largely ignore the water content of the air. This is also a health giving property. While living in Nevada the humidity level sometimes dropped to 2 or 3%. We hung wet towels in our bedroom to evaporate more water into the air. This was to avoid waking up with dry noses and throats as well as getting dehydrated, because we exhale water vapor from our bodies. Why is some water considered to be holy and other water is just ordinary water? Is it because it came from some special spring or a priest has blessed it? The fact that we can make holy water is a testament that we can have an effect on water. If a priest can make holy water by doing a ritual, so can we. Our intent can change the properties of water. Lynne McTaggart conducted many intentionality experiments, concerning water to see if there were changes in the conditions of the water. (see her books) Our thoughts have an effect on things, which reflect back to us. The more kind, loving, appreciative thoughts you have, the better, because they are reflected back to you. Anger, hate, and fear are also reflected back, so be conscious of what you broadcast. Water is one of the anchors that hold and reflect thoughts and emotions. I am blessed for being able to drink and bathe with water from a natural artesian spring. The water is pumped directly from the spring to a tank on a hill in back of our home. I put some crystals in the tank to help cleanse it on a nonphysical level. I thank the water each time I take a shower, and if my mind is in the right place, sometimes I hear messages from the water. Treat water with the respect it deserves. Don’t pollute, and do what you can to stop others from polluting. Bless the water, for it will bless you and keep you healthy.

Ahoe, GW

From the book: The Water Chronicles

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