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The Veil is Lifting

What is this veil thing anyway?

In one regard the veil can be thought of as a covering over humanity both collectively and individually. It is like a fog and appears to be grey/brown in color akin to the smog in a large city. It is thicker for some people than others. The majority of people as still asleep and are under the cover of fog.

Some of the fog/veil is natural, but only some. It makes you forget about our previous incarnations and your connection to Source. This is a requirement to be born into a 3-D reality so we can make an unbiased choice between living in the light or the shadows.

Most people live in the light, but are still in a fog about their true reality and identity. The veil not only makes you forget who you were, but also keeps you from realizing who you truly are. Therefore, most dwell on the edge of the shadows. It gives us the illusion that we are all separate from one-another and our thoughts, emotions and behaviors have little or no effect on others. Some people use this false notion to take advantage of others.

It also strengthens and warps our sense of polarity; but, this is now getting into the area that is not so natural. There are forces that want to keep us in the dark. That is a whole other topic to be expanded later in another article.

Many people are awakening. What does this mean? It means we are rising up out of the fog and becoming aware of other levels. We have a growing sense of the true reality on Earth, not the false one fed to us by core stream broadcasting also known as main-stream media (MSM). This is the miasma beyond the fog; the unnatural aspect of it. The part that keeps us fighting amongst ourselves. It keeps us in the illusion of separateness.

Other aspects of the unnatural veil give us the impression we are not good enough. We have to prove ourselves to others. We have to give evidence that we are worthy and this evidence is given by having possessions and/or power. To demonstrate you are more worthy than others you have a bigger house and more expensive car, maybe even a yacht. Instead of a dress a gown, instead of a work-shirt a jacket and tie. A tie is a phallic symbol that represents being tied to something. That something may be the illusion of power, money or an organization. To me a tie represents a noose.

Facets of the unnatural veil beyond unworthiness inflate self-doubt, jealousy, hate, fear, and a host of other negative emotions and attitudes.

Do not despair; the veil is lifting. It is getting thinner so we can see peoples true characters. We are reconnecting with the more natural qualities of our own being. We are reconnecting with nature. We are reconnecting on a deeper level recognizing relationship with nature and the environment. The illusion of separation is diminishing. We begin to see aspects of ourselves in others. We begin to see which beliefs hold us back. We start to get the idea of Oneness; that we are not separate from one-another – not separate from nature – and not separate from God.

Ahoe, GW

From the book: The Water Chronicles

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