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Taking the Role of Other

photo by GW

Taking the role of other. I have spent most of my life avoiding doing that. Why? because it is painful to me. It causes me to lose myself in others. I find the chaos, the pains, hurts and anguish. I find twisted thinking, wrong choices, and indecision. But I also find the beauty, grace, intelligence and wisdom. Therefore, I have spent most of my life alone, avoiding social contact. I avoid others because they are crazy and they make me crazy. Yet, if I go beyond their “stuff” I find the positive side of them and fall in love. It is far too easy to fall in love. But, love can also get you lost. I find that when I connect with others I do so on a mental level. I have discovered that we are all telepathic. We are in constant contact with one another. I have spent many years learning NOT to connect in order to keep my sanity. I have come close to losing it a few times. The first time was in 1968 when I wound up in Rest Haven Psychiatric Hospital under the care of the now famous Albert Ellis. I never developed a rapport with him, therefore never revealed my true thoughts to him. He did however write a letter to the draft board that kept me out of Viet Nam. I have seen dozens of psychologist and counselors since then but they mostly just wanted to give me pills for depression. Taking on the view of another, for me, is to become the other. It is also possible to connect with other things as well. I have had telepathic connections with animals, plants, crystals, streams, waterfalls and mountains. I do not tell many people that I have had telepathic conversations with people much less with rocks and flies. I discovered that everything is conscious. We live in a sea of consciousness. There is nothing that is not alive! I have adopted a Shamanistic point of reference to guide me. I have also found balance in my life and have a successful relationship – married for over 28 years. I can only do so much to help others to find the balance within themselves. They have to find it for themselves. I can only be an example. By empathizing with others you can empower them as well as self. I find that most people are filled with the trivial things in life and allow themselves to be distracted from their true goals. I find I must interact and connect with others to help myself stay balanced and to move forward. The layers of internal chaos and conflict must be acknowledged and then overlooked to find the soft core. It is not easy to stay out of judgment of others. The beauty of life is that we are all on different paths to the same destination – Oneness!

Ahoe, GW

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From the book: The Water Chronicles

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