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We are the Watchers. We watch others. We make sure no one gets out of line. We are the gatekeepers. People must be kept in line. To stray from the collective beliefs is dangerous and it may get you excommunicated. If you think differently, it may get you put away.

We are the thought police. If you think outside the box, then something is wrong with you. You should think like everyone else.

Our truths are simple and should be adhered to:

There is no UFO cover up.

There is no such thing as ghosts.

Psychic powers are a myth.

GMOs will save the world from starving.

Organic food is too expensive and is not that much better.

No one is listening to your phone conversations.

Marijuana leads to harsher drugs.

There is no afterlife.

If you hear voices in your head, something is terribly wrong with you.

Your txt are not being compiled in some hidden super computer center.

Fluoridation is good for your teeth.

All products sold are taxed for your benefit.

The taxes you pay are for the greater good in all cases.

Chemtrails are a myth.

The is no conditioning agenda from television.

If it doesn’t fit the established scientific paradigm then it should be ridiculed and avoided.

There are no free energy machines.

Vaccines protect your health and cause no ill effects.

Pharmaceutical companies are here to keep you healthy.

It is necessary to have health insurance.

War is necessary.

People in general are stupid and need to be led.

Corporations are given tax subsidies and pay their fair share of taxes.

The military protect our way of life.

Internal combustion is the best way to power a car.

We cannot manage our own money so banks and accountants must manage it for us.

Coal is a good way to produce electricity.

The latest technology is always released fully and immediately.

Those that get out of line must be punished.

CEOs and sports stars deserve huge incomes.

Some religions are better than others, especially yours.

Some people are just more entitled than others.

It is necessary for the TSA to protect us while travelling.

There are no monopolies, laws protect us from that.

The occupy movements are people that are misguided and don’t know what they what. Wen you ask them, they each say something different.

Corporations do not control politics.

TV news is trustworthy.

Anything from the internet should not be trusted.

I am just one person and I have no power to change anything.

We must watch out for the other. Others are not to be trusted. It is easy to tell who should be watched. Their skin color is different from ours. They wear different clothing that doesn’t look like ours. They are not as smart as we are. They are poor or they are rich. They may act bizarre. They speak differently. Even if they speak the same language, their accent can give them away and you should not trust them. Keep your doors locked at all times even if you are home.

Life is better because we police ourselves. We make laws and locks that protect us. For our own protection, the government must keep secrets from us.

Is this truly a slave planet and have we been turned into our own guards?

We are watchers because we have been told to be. We are told to tell on our brothers and sisters. Have we been trained not to trust one another? Or do we come by it naturally because humans are untrustworthy?

In Western culture we are losing extended families and becoming increasingly isolationist. Is this by design or choice? Is it true human nature? Or, are have we been deviously encouraged to go in that direction?

Some people reading this will not even have read it through and will dismiss me as a “Conspiracy Theorist”. Dismissed with a preloaded word, so that they don’t have to think about it; reject it and go on to the next thing such as opening a new box of delicious, nutritious Captain Crunch for their children’s breakfast. God help them!

More and more people are awakening to the reality of our world. It is not as we think. It is not as we wish. It is not what we want or intended. It is a twisted world manipulated by the few.

We have been slowly led down the primrose path with perceptual blinkers on, like the frog in a proverbial pot with temperature slowly rising.

Well the pot is boiling and people are beginning to notice.

It’s called waking up.



From the book: The Water Chronicles

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