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Enter the Magic

The magic is not a place you can go to because you are already there. The trick is to realize it. It is all around us. It is in the air that you breathe. It is the appreciation of a beautiful flower or the song of a bird. It is in your smile when an acquaintance remembers your name. We can’t see it because it is always there. How can you know when something is there if it has always been there. The only way to tell is to compare it to a time when it was not there. But, that is impossible for it has always been there and always will. Sure, you say - I know what love is. But, do you really? Unconditional Love? Love is the vibration that makes it all possible. It makes it possible to hear the birds talk, the knowings of trees, the stories of a brook - To see brave fauns in the forest - To hear the whispers from beyond the mundane. You can get a taste of it by meditating. It is entering a world of absolute joy, peace, and love, but with your eyes open and observing it. It’s the miracle of life. Colours are more vibrant. There is a stillness or peace in the air. Everything is music to your ears. You can’t help but grin. It is bringing the vibration of love to this plane - making heaven on Earth. Or rather creating heaven on Earth by realizing it is already here. We live in whatever vibration we choose. Why not choose love? We create the attitudes we live by. When we get angry, upset, sad, or happy, it is something we created by our own self. Many people point the finger outside them selves trying to find who or what is to blame, but it all falls back to us. Remember that when you are pointing your finger at someone or something, three fingers are pointing back at yourself. We create the situation in which we live. You may believe God created the Universe. I disagree with that statement. The main point I disagree with is the suffix in the word create - which makes it created - past tense. God did not create the universe and sit back to watch and see what happened. I think a more correct statement would be God is creating the Universe - present tense. We are beings of light, learning and growing in knowledge and wisdom. What we think, say, and do is an act of creation. With our thoughts, choices, and actions we manifest. We are co-creators with God. It is through us that God lives. God has not finished creating the universe. It is still in process, and we are shaping and changing it. The universe is constantly reorganizing itself to suit our expectations of it. It is an ongoing process that will continue till all have realized that our true self is one with all - and that oneness is God. “If the Great Spirit did not wish you to have the privilege of sharing in creation, and by doing expressing your latent divinity, there would be no point in your being born.” ‘Guidance from Silver Birch’, 1988. You can’t be in the magic by thinking it so. Or, maybe you can. It is by not thinking that you move to that special place. We have a tendency when not being totally present to spend our time thinking about the future - anticipation and or worry or the past - regret. When we stop giving power to every thought, spirit is able to come in from the outside. You are the magic. Know this. See it in yourself, see it in others. Be at peace and let your light shine. Ahoe, GW

From the book: The Water Chronicles

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