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Connecting Deeply with Gaia

We are not separate from the Earth. Every atom of our body came directly or indirectly from the planet. The food we eat becomes our bones, blood, and flesh. The idea of being a separate individual is an illusion. We are all one, we are all extensions of this beautiful planet. We are not only physically one with the planet, but energetically and spiritually connected. With this understanding, we can connect deeply with our origin. Stay grounded as much as possible. The physiological and psychological benefits of grounding or Earthing is well documented – google these two words for more info. Shamanic Journey into the Earth Sit, kneel, or stand and be comfortable. Breathe deeply and relax. With your eyes half way or fully closed, go into your normal meditative state. Be at one with yourself, fully relaxed. Imagine your energy body sinking into the Earth. Let it expand, not just a few feet or meters, but for miles. There are no limits to your imaginings. Let your energy body expand to become the Earth – the entire Earth. Become aware of the Mountains, Valleys, Lakes, Rivers and Oceans. See the Deserts, the Plains, Smell the farms and towns. Touch the cities with your mind, but do not judge or evaluate, just observe. Become the flora and fauna – include all of humanity, touching on all the higher aspects of life on and in Earth. Feel the Ocean. Feel how all the waters of the world are connected, including the water in the air and clouds. . Using all your senses (beyond the 5 basic ones) en-train with Gaia. Becoming the dirt, mud, and crystals. All these elements are within you, and you within Earth.

You are the entire world. Not separate from it. Know that the Earth is a living energy field just as you are. It recycles energy. You are able to let go of negative or unwanted energies and release them to the Earth where they are transmuted and turned back into positive energy. Do this now. The Earth supports you and Loves you. Give this Love back to the Earth. Give this Love to your self. Your are Loved more than you know. Ahoe, GW

From the book: The Water Chronicles

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