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The purpose of this article is to help step clear of the tangle of thoughts that we all have and to realize and recognize most of them as illusion, particularly our reactions to people, situations, and events. To see the dream we are living in and wake up to the greater reality, to realize we have absolute control of what and even how we think. The brain is simply a tool for problem solving. It is over used to a great extent, in that it is not used efficiently. We spend a great deal of time thinking the same thoughts over and over again, in different forms. It is also under used to a large degree in not knowing how to use it creatively.

When we find clarity, we begin to recognize this. We realize that a lot of the worrying we do is absolutely unnecessary. Our fears become dispelled because we know there is nothing to fear. Meditation is for stepping out of the mind and looking back on the tangle of thoughts. Utilizing a creative imagination to untangle thoughts around a certain issue and seeing the energy of a clear solution and implementing that solution is not as difficult as it may seem.

Seeing the greater picture of our thoughts.

Using your creative imagination to see, hear, feel, taste, smell, and know the energy of your thoughts. Sense it in a form you can understand. Think of an issue you are currently dealing with - large or small. Now step back from your self and see/feel the energy of thought patterns you currently hold about that issue. If you can’t perceive it, imagine it. All issues have at least two solutions, either a call for action or non-action and everything in between. But, you are not looking for the solution at this time. We only want to clear our thinking concerning the issue. Again, imagine you are seeing your thoughts whirling about you concerning an issue. If the energy is a tangled web, simply organize it. Classify the energy strands, separate and categorize them.

Most of the time, issues we are concerned with are connected with an effect on others. See the energy pattern around this person or persons as well. The energy may be in different colors with varying intensities and pulsations. See the energy in whatever form works for you. Do not judge it, or evaluate at this time- simply observe. One thing that complicates issues is that we change how we feel about them over time. Your mind is not limited to the current time. You have the ability to jump forward and back in time and observe the energy under different conditions and see the effects. You can also see a change of the energy do to the influence from another person or persons. Experiment seeing the energy under different conditions and times. Add or subtract the influence of others. Ninety nine times out of a hundred you will see that it is only your perception of a problem that is a problem. Or that the problem is not yours at all, but someone else's. Many times simply changing our perspective of an issue is enough to solve it.

Realizing that we make up our reality, realizing that we can change our reality by altering the way we think about things. Namely, STOP putting value judgments on everything. It is unnecessary and distorts our view of reality. It either works or it doesn't. How do we recognize a distortion? How do we know we are looking at something with a slanted view? It is the attitudes we hold. Very few people hold the attitude of unconditional love towards other people or events. If your view is one of anything but love, it is a distorted view. But do not judge yourself for this your only have a partial view of the entire situation.

What is your reaction to the event? Are you willing to take responsibility for the event? Does the event necessitate action on your part? Do you have any control over it, and to what extent? If you don't have any control over it why worry about it or even complain about it? If you do have control over it (same question) why worry about it or even complain about it?

Take a deep look at these questions.

Take an issue you are dealing with at the moment - big or small. See if you can see it in a different light - from a perspective of neutrality. What is the construction pattern of what you do with thought? Trace a thought to its origin. Why are you having that thought? Is it valid - or is that placing a value judgment on it?

Scientist have speculated for years on how the mind works. By gaining personal insights to the patterns we create, we can alter the ones we want and eliminate others. What judgments or beliefs do you hold that no longer serve you? How do you change a belief? Simply let it go. We can change the world by changing the way we think about it!

If there is a situation you don't feel good about and you want to take responsibility for it. Do you try to justify it? Looking for reasons to do it, or not do it. Does it accomplish your goal? WE ALL HAVE AGENDAS WEATHER WE ADMIT IT OR NOT.

The aim of this exercise is to examine different ways of looking at a person, issue or event. Hopefully shifting you from a fear base to a love base. Shifting from a reactionary base to a creative base. We all create every aspect of our lives and it is time to awaken to the greater reality of our divine selves. We all have unlimited abilities, but can not use them until we believe that we can.



From the book: The Water Chronicles

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