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November 2nd 2009

Tobacco, like us, is energy. It is neither bad nor good, it just is. It comes from the leaf of tobacco plant -nicotiana tabacum. It can be our friend and give us comfort in time of need. It soothes us when we are frazzled. It energizes us when we are tired. It takes the place of food when we are hungry, and satisfies us after we have eaten. Smokers also use it as identification or affiliation with others. ‘I am like you, I smoke.’ They can communicate with each other using smoke signals. Smoking is also a form of sexual gratification. It is an oral stimulant as well as a digital toy. (Something to play with in your hands) The relationship between tobacco and people is a strong one. It may well be the most powerfully addictive substance know to humans. This is because it develops a three-fold tie to us when we use it. It attaches it self in the physical, emotional, and thought levels. It attaches at the first three chakras. You cannot give up smoking by going to battle with it, thinking of it as the enemy, and that you are going to win the war. There is no war. If there is a war, it is only within you and has nothing to do with anything outside of yourself. It is a war of ideas within. Coming to terms with these ideas is the only thing that needs to be done. Coming to terms with Tobacco Here is a ritual that can be performed to help you step away from the use of tobacco. As stated above – tobacco is a form of energy. All energy is alive. You will be contacting the Diva of the tobacco plant in this ritual. Create a triangular space by placing a bowl of water, a candle, and a bit of earth or a crystal. You and the tobacco are the forth element -air, your connection. Begin by placing yourself in a meditative state using whatever method you normally use. This involves cleansing (psychically) yourself and the area you are working in. In the centre of the triangle place a bowl of water and light some tobacco with the candle. Allow your consciousness to mingle with and go into the smoke. You may possibly see the three chakra colors of the Diva, which are red, yellow and brown. Red represents the physical, yellow is thought, and brown is the will of emotion. This is how it attaches to you and why it is so addictive. Connecting with the tobacco diva – acknowledge it as another life force. Do not despise it. Thank it for all it has done for you. Explain what you are about to do and why. Ask it for assistance. By stepping away from the use of tobacco, you are raising not only your vibration, but the vibration of the diva as well. In your minds eye, see the three chakra colors and let them rotate around you. See them going faster and faster. Notice that the colors blend and they becomes a silver ring. In your minds eye, see yourself standing up and stepping outside of the ring. Your are now outside of the energy force known as tobacco. Know that it has no control of you. Thank it again for all it has done for you. Turn and look at the ring of energy you just stepped out of. Transform this energy into gold and step back in again. You have changed the vibration of how you interact with tobacco. Close the ritual by extinguishing the candle in the bowl of water. This represents an end to the illusion of addiction. Your yearnings will fade away. I smoked 20 to 30 cigarettes a day for 28 years. I stopped in 1991.

Ahoe, GW

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From the book: The Water Chronicles

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