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James Gilliland and Glenn Willard.jpg

Glenn with James Gilliland,

       at ECETI Ranch

      Washington, USA


I I love making things! What will it be?


Kitake Range, NZ


No shortage of

crystals here.


3.333 meter tall pyramid

        for meditation

medicine wheel.jpg

Medicine Wheel

   note: pyramid thru gate  

Floating Mountain.jpg

  Our Mountain floats! Mt. Taranaki, NZ

Canadian Geese, but this is not Canada.

Sunset over Lake.jpg

Lake Mangamahoe near New Plymouth, NZ

Left rainbow.jpg
right rainbow.jpg

Chronographic display of various light frequencies interacting       with specific constrained atmospheric conditions.

                          Also known as a Rainbow.

Glenn Willard.jpg

Donna & Glenn, Coromandel, NZ

ship wreck.jpg

 Oops, Stuff happens

Paraitutu Rock framed

Moeraki Boulders.jpg

A new clutch of pod-people arriving!

Moeraki boulders.jpg

They are hatching. Beware! Only seaweed can protect you.

Moeraki boulders.JPG.jpg

   OK, I admit it.

I am one of them!

Moeraki Boulders, South Island, New Zealand

Penguins Crossing.jpg

     Observation Tower

complete with Guinea Fowl

     NZ has several

varieties of Penguins

Storm at Sea.jpg

The search begins for the missing pod-people.

                      Off Stewart Island, NZ


The search continues over land for the missing pod-people.  Mt. Taranaki, NZ


Mt. Taranaki


North Island New Zealand from a               higher perceptive

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