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By Glenn Clifford Willard


This extraordinary book has 114 non-fiction short stories all based on water.  If you live in New Zealand you can get a signed copy through this site.


For those outside NZ please click the link below for the paperback or kindle version. 




The reason I wrote this book is because water is much under appreciated and I wish to bring to you the wonder, mystery and magic of this amazing substance and the understanding that it is a life force unto itself.


Some of the stories are unbelievable and if you wish to think of it as a fiction – so be it. But, know this: it is true to me. All I care is that you enjoy it and take what pleasure you can from it. Some of you will think of your own water stories as you read and I hope that many will share them.


This book is about some of my selected experiences with water. It is not laid out in chronological order. It jumps back and forth between my young self and old self and a few in between. Wade in without trepidation.

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